Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Funday

Took a trip up north on sunday with the gang to do some riding. Most of the pictures are on the way up and unloading, I didnt get the camera out on the trail. We made the loop through the Foot Hills and ended up in Hackensack at Lucette's for lunch; A quick burger and back on the trail. It was a solid day of riding, couldnt have asked for a nicer day! A little rain sometime this spring would be nice to keep the dust down. I still have muddy buggers and its monday night. Trent did the un-do-able; we are pretty sure that he managed to break the world land speed record for a 110 on his way to the Corner Store!! We told him not to eat the meatball sub but he insisted that it wouldnt bother him. We saw him pinch that thing wide open at the top of the cabin driveway and listened to him ride it through every turn Lol; what do the Big Brothers know anyway right? Apparently all went well though, he was ready to hit it again by the time that he got back. Devin and Katie headed out while Me, T, and Trent took one more little loop to climb the big hill on the side of 371. We didnt spend too much more time on the bikes though; we were all starting to get pretty sore. You remember the baboons that have the red butts at the zoo?. . . Yeah. . . . Im pretty sure that all of our asses looked something similar to that! Asses aside; it was another good day of Bikes, Dirt, and Friends. I will try and load some video if I can figure out how to get them up.

Outside Lucette's after having some lunch.

Devin gassin up Katies Bike.

Trent gettin the cap of T's bike for a splash of the GO Juice.

T trying to give me a wet one! Im pretty sure that we could have fun locked in a padded room; or maybe we should be locked in one?!?

Trent, T, and Me on the way up; so excited we had our helmets on already. Come to think of it, it may have been my driving that made everyone put their lids on! Think about it, who the hell is watching the road?

T napping on the way up; 6am was pretty early for a sunday.

Devin and Katie cruising up in the Dirty Max

Loaded and ready to RIP.